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Clear Skies Jumbo Deluxe Double Six Dominoes Set

Original House of Dominoes set. Soothing Sky Blue Pattern style. Double Six with Spinners


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The ‘Clear Skies’ Jumbo Double Six Domino set features a one of kind original House of Dominoes Design on the back of each piece. This luxury Dominoes Set is such an interesting and unique collectible item, it is actually one of the thickest Dominoes you will find. The large dots/pips are easy to read and tiles feel great in the palm of your hand and are very stable on the table. This world-class domino set offers an unbeatable combination of beauty, value, and durability. You will not find a better set anywhere. This domino set makes wonderful gift or a set you will be proud to own and use. Don’t let the luxurious look and feel keep you from playing with these sets on a daily basis. Our sets are made from durable high quality acrylic. For years of enjoyment care for them by playing on smooth surfaces

We start with the very highest quality dominoes. Made of a durable acrylic, they are substantial and solid, not too heavy and not too light, they feel just right. They have a beautiful pure white-look finish that is glossy and smooth with gently rounded corners and edges. The dots/pips are deeply engraved and painted a gleaming black. Our unique dominoes look and feel fantastic. Our Domino Set includes 28 Double-6 Dominoes, with a luxurious leatherette case with the House of Dominoes logo stamped in a gold like color. Makes an amazing gift.

This Original Dominoes Set features:

  • A Soothing Sky Blue Pattern with a Pure White face for the thick 5 layer domino
  • Soothing Sky Blue Pattern design on the back of each domino
  • House of Dominoes Original Set
  • Durable Leatherette color case that matches perfectly with the dominoes and the House of Dominoes gold logo hot stamped.

Type: 5-layer, multi-color, double six set with spinners
Material: High Quality Acrylic
Size: Jumbo, 27mm X 54mm X 15 mm

The Leatherette Case
Made of high quality faux leather. The cases are carefully stitched and assembled to provide a rich look, high durability, and a unique executive feel.


San Diego, CA