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Professional Size Mahogany Wood Domino Case

100% Mahogany Wood Domino Case, Professional Size


This House of Dominoes Wood “Alajero” domino case is hand crafted with passion for the game. It is designed to hold a full set of double six professional size bones. Each artisan built case is different than the rest, you can be sure your getting the most unique and longest lasting domino case anywhere. This box is made with 100% Mahogany (Caoba) and is the absolutely perfect gift for the any Domino player. It will provide years of enjoyment.

Note you can get $10 off this case when selected as your case of choice when ordering an Original House of Dominoes Set. The case pictured above with dominoes is our Ruby Red Showtime Set, dominoes not included.

This House of Dominoes Wood Box features:

  • 100% Mahogany (Caoba)
  • Solid, Long Lasting, Artisan Hand Crafted Design
  • Unique natural wood grain patterns
  • Official House of Dominoes Branding

Type: Domino Case
Material: Mahogany (Caoba)
Fits Domino Size: Professional, 22mm X 44mm X 12 mm

San Diego, CA